6 oz. Clear PET Imperial Round Bottles, 24-410
The 6 oz clear PET Bullet Bottle is often used for cosmetic products which use fragrance oils or essential oils, such as body sprays and oils. It is also great for lotions, creams, liquid potpourri, and reed diffuser base because its clarity shows off product very well. This cosmetic bottle can be partnered with lotion pumps, sprayers, caps, dispensing lids, and other closures for a perfect combination.

Height: 6.146" / 15.611 cm
Diameter: 1.72" / 4.369 cm
Label Surface: 5.25" x 4.375"
Neck Size: 24-410. Requires a lid with a neck size of 24-410.

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Country Of Origin: United States



Available Sizes:
$0.58 for 1 Piece
$5.69 for 10 Piece
$25.75 for 50 Piece
$38.95 for 100 Piece