4 oz. Clear PET Boston Round Bottle, 24-410
This is a clear 4 oz PET Boston Round bottle manufactured from PET plastic which is good with most fragrance oils and essential oils. This cosmetic bottle is a perfect choice for lotion making and other toiletries that use fragrance oils because it shows off products very nicely. Neck finish is a 24-410 and performs nicely with a variety of dispensing lids, lotion pumps, and fine mist sprayers of the same size.

Height: 4.305"/ 10.935 cm
Diameter: 1.8"/ 4.572 cm
Label Surface: 5.5 x 2.6125"
Neck Size: 24-410. Requires a lid with a neck size of 24-410.

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Country Of Origin: United States



Available Sizes:
$0.54 for 1 Piece
$5.28 for 10 Piece
$18.63 for 50 Piece
$32.81 for 100 Piece