Ky Para-Soy Tart & Votive Blend Wax
**Now in 45 pound boxes to save you money on shipping.**

Make perfect tarts and votive candles with our proprietary blend of soy wax and paraffin wax. This para-soy wax comes in granular form for easy measuring & scooping, and has a melt point of 132°. Candle scent fragrance load is up to 10% (1.6 oz per pound of wax). Making scent tarts and votives are now a breeze and you get premium scent throw with para-soy wax!

**Please note: the texture of this wax has changed slightly. It is no longer granular but now in small pastilles. This is the same formulation - that has not changed. You may receive the old or new texture as this change is implemented.

Country Of Origin: United States

All wax should be aired out 24-48 hours prior to using to remove excess moisture. Open up bag and stir/rotate wax every few hours. Store in a cool, dry area.

Heat to approx 160°-175° using a double boiler or a melter;, add color and candle scent, stir constantly for two minutes, then pour into clamshells, foil cups or molds. Pour temperature should be around 150°-160°.

When doing votives, a repour is required.

Because this contains soy wax, it needs to cure. Start with 1-2 weeks. As with all candles or melts containing soy wax: the longer they cure, the better they will throw. WARNING: Never melt wax on direct heat such as stove burner, always us a melter or double boiler method.


Available Sizes:
$25.60 for 10 lb
$101.63 for 45 lb (Bulk)