Ky 143 Paraffin Pillar Wax
This is the perfect paraffin wax for making great throwing votives and pillars. The Ky 143 Paraffin Wax requires no additives, has a melt point of 144° and comes in granulated form for easy scooping and measuring. Recommended candle scent fragrance load is up to 8% (1.28 ounces per pound of wax) and ideal pour temperature is 175° - 180°. Candle tops may require a repour.

Country Of Origin: United States

All wax should be aired out 24-48 hours prior to using to remove excess moisture. Open up bag and stir/rotate wax every few hours. Store in a cool, dry area.

Melt to 185°F using a double boiler or melter. add your fragrance oil and colorant, and stir constantly for 2 minutes. Pour around 175-180°. A candle cure time of at least 2 days is recommended for optimal performance of candle scent throw. Testing is recommended. WARNING: Never melt wax on direct heat such as stove burner, always us a melter or double boiler method.


Available Sizes:
10 lb $40.45
50 lb (Bulk) $119.95