Rustic Lid - 70-450 Continuous Thread
The Rustic toned continuous threaded lid, size 70-450, fits our 16 ounce plain mason jars, 8 ounce smooth sided jelly jars, 8 oz. square Mason jars, and 4 ounce square jars. Lids can be used for candle making jars or to enhance the gift-in-a-jar. Pair with one of our colorful decorative stretchy bows available in both plain and metallic colors. Customers who purchased Rustic Lid 70-450 Continuous Thread also purchased wholesale candle making supplies and candle fragrance oil.

Country Of Origin: United States



Available Sizes:
$4.84 for 12 Piece
$16.77 for 48 Piece (4 - 12 piece)