Espresso Premium Liquid Colorant - Candle
Espresso Premium Liquid Colorant is the best way to add color to your coffee inspired candles! This deep brown color is easily achieved after just a few small drops into the melted candle wax of your choice.

Country Of Origin: United States

Add 2 drops per pound in plain paraffin or soy wax at 180° F or lower. Start small - a little goes a long way! These are very concentrated colors. Colors may vary by monitor! IMPORTANT NOTE: (Applies to 1 ounce bottles only.) All 1 ounce bottles are now shipping in plastic bottles. The glass colorant bottle included has had Colorant in it - be cautious when opening. This bottle was included due to problems with leakage during shipping and for your use in storing the dropper. Any orders containing this colorant may be delayed up to 3 business days. Thank you for your understanding.


Available Sizes:
$6.30 for 1 oz
$16.21 for 4 oz
$57.22 for 1 lb