9 Cube Silicone Mold
We love this silicone cube soap mold! Each cube makes the cutest little soaps that are the perfect size. Great for a new soaper or master - fill each cavity separately and change up each cube as desired (color, design, etc). Although the full capacity of the mold is 55 ounces, we do not recommend filling each cube more than 5 ounces full as the mold will become unwieldy and could result in uneven bars. The mold interior is polished with a high gloss finish so your soap will easily release from the mold once hardened. We recommend adding sodium lactate to your recipe with a 15% water discount to help harden the soap so it will release more easily and to aid in resisting dents or finger marks. Hand washing is best for all silicone molds and if treated properly, this mold should last for countless batches of soap. Cavity Capacity: 5 ounces (recommended) (45 ounces total) Mold Dimensions: 7-3/4" L x 7-3/4" W x 2.5" H Cavity Size: 2.125" L x 2.125" W x 1.75" H Cavities: 9

Country Of Origin: China



Available Sizes:
$11.63$15.51 for 1 Piece