Cherry Kernel Oil
Virgin, cold-pressed. We are super excited to be carrying this new oil for soaping as well as a wide variety of bath/body products. Stable, emollient rich, similar in nature to Sweet Almond Oil. Perfect as a carrier oil in aromatherapy, bath oil, lip balms, and more. Cherry kernel oil is a lightweight oil and rich in Vitamins A and E as well as the essential fatty acid, Oleic. SAP VALUE: NaOH (bar soap): 0.135 | KOH (liquid soap): 0.19 Melting point: liquid at room temperature Color: pale to golden yellow Odor: little to no scent Shelf Life: 2 years (refrigeration after opening is recommended)

Country Of Origin: United States



Available Sizes:
$5.51 for 4 oz
$18.90 for 1 lb
$56.32 for 7 lb