Crafter's Choiceâ„¢ Sweet Almond Oil - Refined
Sweet Almond Oil is a luxurious, light, non-greasy, moisturizing oil which easily absorbs into the skin and is known for its natural warming effect on sore muscles. Sweet Almond Oil is frequently used in lip balm recipes, lip gloss, massage oils, lotions, sugar scrubs, Dead Sea salt scrubs, bath bombs, and soap recipes. Sweet Almond Oil is also renowned for its rich concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids which help to give it exceptional penetrating and restructuring properties. Sweet Almond Oil also makes an unparalleled carrier for salt (for use in salt scrubs). In soap, Sweet Almond Oil produces a low, stable lather, but because it is not a hard oil (it is liquid at room temperature), we recommend not using more than about 5% - 10% in soap recipes. SAP VALUE: NaOH (bar soap): 0.14 | KOH (liquid soap): 0.21 Melting Point: liquid at room temp Color: golden yellow to pale yellow Odor: slight aroma Viscosity: medium All Natural Extraction Method: Cold Pressed. This extraction method yields higher quality oil (more vitamins, minerals, etc.) compared to extraction methods which use chemicals and/or heat. Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is the highest quality oil you can buy. Shelf life: 12 months from purchase Customers who purchased Sweet Almond Oil also purchased melt & pour soap bases, candle making supplies, soap colorant, Dead Sea Salt, and soap making ingredients.

Country Of Origin: United States



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