Phenonip is a broad spectrum liquid preservative ideal for use in a wide variety of personal care formulations. Phenonip is oil soluble, can be used in emulsions and anhydrous formulations, and is effective in preventing bacteria, mold and fungal growth. It is a clear liquid and application rates vary from .3% to 1% by weight depending on the circumstances. Most applications work well within a .3% - .5% range. To preserve 200g of salt scrub at .5% application rate would mean using approximately 1g of Phenonip. This preservative was designed with cosmetics in mind and is especially effective when used in conjunction with oil based products but also works extremely well in aqueous solutions up to a .5% application rate. Phenonip can also tolerate higher temperatures than many other preservatives and still maintain its effectiveness.

Recommended usage: .3% - 1%

Appearance: Clear liquid

Formaldehyde free

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Country Of Origin: United States



Available Sizes:
$3.28 for 1 oz
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